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About Our Products


Natural thin stone veneer is installed in a similar way to manufactured stone, but it has advantages over manufactured products in color, versatility, and durability. When you break or cut into a natural stone, its superior workability to manufactured products is soon evident.

Each piece of natural stone is unique, having qualities of color and texture that can never be reproduced. There is never a risk of natural stone developing a repeating pattern as with manufactured products. Moreover, the colors of natural stone retain their original hues over time without fading or running.

Since thin stone is natural stone, it is available in all the many colors and blends of full veneer stone. Since many projects require a mixture of both full stone veneer and thin veneer, Southern Heritage Stone ensures that, in such cases, the combined stones will be a match. When installed correctly, Southern Heritage Stone veneer requires virtually no maintenance and no sealing to improve its longevity or appearance. Read our installation guide for full details.


Preparing to order

In preparation for placing an order, we suggest that you get the mason to measure both the square feet of stone and linear feet of corners necessary for the project. You should then add an additional 3-5% square feet to your order to account for waste and/or breakage. It is also important that you allow yourself sufficient lead time when ordering for any project.

Placing an order

Orders can be called in to (615) 416-3068. Please be sure to complete all relevant forms, providing full details for directions to the job site, a contact phone number and address, and instructions regarding where to unload the product upon delivery. Payments by check are accepted.


If you are not entirely satisfied with the product and wish to return it, we require a 25% restocking fee and return freight cost, as well as prior approval to return the product. Special cut items are prepaid and are not eligible for return.


Delivery Basics

The product is packaged in pallets holding approximately 100 square feet or boxes containing 10 square feet. Delivery may be handled in one of several ways. We can direct ship FOB from the manufacturing facility to the job site or business location and can provide other shipping options for small orders. Alternately, you can pick up the product at our plant.

Delivery Cost

Delivery cost is determined upon placement of an order; determining factors in the final delivery charges include distance and fuel costs. Because thin veneer weighs less and takes up less space, its costs of delivery are approximately 25% less than those of full stone products. In other words, the reduction of costs incurred by thin veneer in terms of delivery alone is significant.

Special Orders

Special Order Items

Since all special order items are cut on demand, they may require additional delivery time. We will provide an approximate date of delivery when an order is placed.

Special Cut Stone

We can special cut any stone into a veneer for your project; all we require is that you provide us with the stone you have chosen. We can also cut custom hearths, mantles, corbels, a variety of other custom pieces and accessories.


If you find a look you like, simply e-mail the photo to us at We can often mix a variety of stones to create the look you want.


Natural stone is a much more durable product than manufactured stone because it is not prone to scratching or chipping.

Furthermore, the inner core of natural stone presents the same color and texture as its surface. In comparison, many manufactured products are only pigmented on the surface layer and are much more sensitive to weather, UV rays, and pressure washing, and more prone to bleeding color and fading.

Manufactured products also absorb more water than natural stone, which may gradually result in deterioration. Application of manufactured stone must begin either four inches above the soil or two inches above concrete to prevent moisture from being absorbed into its surface.

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